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to Jude's

     Hi, I'm Jude and I've been on my spiritual journey throughout my life.  I've created this web site hoping to meet other like minded seekers, who have been inspired by their 'Spirit Guides'. 
This is an amazing
Spiritual Awakening.
  Every stepping stone in our life leads us to our destination.  

     TruthZone is about learning and sharing our Spiritual Experiences and giving testimony to 'miracles' through the power of prayer, hands-on healing, crystals, herbs, and  Chakras  
Shamans are natural healers.  We can learn take better care of ourselves. 
It's a transition throughout our lives to be more in tune with God, our temples, our inner child and the negative blockages that can be dissolved.  
I've awakened my inner child issues, by using the Charoite and the Black Obsidian gemstones.  I've also used the

Snowflake Obsidian for more delicate truth.  The Black Obsidian is BLUNT, DIRECT truth.  It does not sugar-coat the issue.  These natural stones have helped me to get to the root of my blockages and burdens.  They have helped me to understand and dissolve the negative patterns in my life.  My inner child can be very stubborn too.
Rose Quartz 'chose me' for self love and inner emotional healing.  

     This is how I program my stones:
1 - run the stone under cool water, releasing negative energy.
2 - place stone in sunlight/full moon light for 24 hours.
3 - while holding the stone in my right hand, I raise my arm up asking The Lord to cleanse, bless and purify this stone. 
4 - I ask that this stone have the intentions to heal, calm and give me strength.  
5 - I do this every time I use my stones.  This is part of my healing/recharge ritual.  

     The Green Adventurine is my personal physical healing stone.  My Power Animal is the Lion. Golden Lion Animal Totems
This is for transformation.  Which
Power Animal are you? 

     The Feng Shui is a positive way to achieve the peace and harmony in your home.  I have 15 hanging plants in my apartment.  

     I've been a Vegetarian since 1988.  I feel healthier, have more energy, exercise and pray/meditate everyday.  We make FruGee, which is like a Smoothie with Veggies, fruits and vanilla and Strawberry protein powder added.  We use the Jack LaLane juicer and pour all the ingredients into blender.  Mix for one minute and make a delicious, healthy, nutritious drink.   
MeditatePraying and meditation helps to focal the unruly mind.  This inspires our 'third eye' to see.  When you 'sense' or 'feel' something, that's a sign that you're tuning into the 'other dimension'.  It's a fascinating reality that shines with the Truth.  

     Follow your heart- the Truth is there! We have many gifts and need to learn how to recognize and use  them wisely.   

     Psychic and paranormal experiences are fascinating and very real.  This is a journey of self discovery, positive change and awareness.  Here we can meet other soul mates who've had similar experiences and have some fun too.  

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X Even though you can't see Him, GOD is there! O


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"In the dark? Follow the Son."

May The Truth Be Your Guide...